Karl Robrock

Co-Founder | Engineer
Karl Robrock

Nearly every single material good you encounter in your life comes from machines.

David Nichols

Co-Founder | Engineer
David Nichols

Machines provide our food, shelter, clothing, energy, transportation, iPhones...without machines we’d be living in the Dark Ages.

Core Values

We take our core values very seriously. They are guiding principles that foster a unique culture and strengthen our business strategies.

Revolutionary Improvement
Breakthroughs are possible. Seek them relentlessly.

Trust in Collaboration
We aggressively challenge and support each other and our clients to sharpen ideas, processes and execution beyond what we could achieve solo.

No Assholes
We insist on mutual respect in our relationships — both internal and external.

Engineer Your Lifestyle
Your life is what you do every day. We balance high expectations with a respect for personal priorities. 

Explore and Discover
Follow your instinct even if you’re not sure where it leads. Bring back treasures.

Think Critically
Ask great questions. Dumb questions. Pointed questions. Thoughtful questions. And, especially, “why” questions.

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy
Just enough structure. Use your good judgment.

Want to change the world?

We don’t need another cog in the machine. We need team members with the insight to transform factories.